9 February 2021

IIGPI — International Investigative Group, Ltd., Dan Ribacoff, Lisa Ribacoff and Lance Ribacoff are proud to announce that they will receive a certificate of appreciation from the Nassau County Bar Association — Access to Justice Committee on March 3rd, 2021.


IIGPI has been a sponsor and member of the the WE CARE committee since 1992! In 2009, Dan Ribacoff was honored for his service to WE CARE, the charitable arm of the Nassau County Bar Association. It raises money and distributed grants to organizations throughout the county. 100 percent of the money collected is donated!

Lance Ribacoff and Lisa Ribacoff became active in WE CARE once they joined IIGPI — International Investigative Group, Ltd.

IIGPI has been in the Private Investigations business for over 30 years.


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