Big companies, small businesses, and individuals are exposed to many types of dangers. These threats include fake resumes, false companies, investment scams, identity theft, corporate espionage, infidelity, and more. Although one can discover information online, hiring a professional private investigator will ensure that you find accurate facts. At the International Investigative Group, our global IIG family has worked with a wide variety of clients to meet their investigative needs

Understanding the Importance of Private Investigation Services

Every year, businesses face significant financial losses due to embezzlement and/or employee fraud. Although many executives realize a crime has occurred, they may not know who committed it. Additionally, they might not understand how the crime took place. Private investigation services can be used to uncover inappropriate payments, fictitious assets, money trails, and other forms of misrepresentations. Private investigators will ultimately help find the perpetrator.

Employers can utilize private investigation services to protect themselves by performing background checks on all potential employees. This process helps prevent companies from hiring individuals with troubling behaviors or criminal records.

There comes a time when you may need to assess the validity of a legal document. If the subject is a foreign document, you may encounter roadblock after roadblock. In order to resolve these issues, our global IIG family will work with our international partners to verify documents on behalf of our clients.