9 January 2020

Almost 1 out of every 2 Americans are vulnerable to Tax Return fraud due to the Equifax breach

About 143 million Americans—nearly half of the country—face risks after the Equifax breach was identified several days ago. The breach has exposed personal data such as personal identifiers, social security numbers, employment information, credit card information and more.

Dan Ribacoff states that this exposure gives way for scammers and fraudsters to capitalize once tax season comes around.

It is worthwhile to file your tax returns as soon as possible this upcoming year.

Michael Lai, CEO of Sitejabber, reaffirms this in saying: “Once your return is filed, nobody else can file a second return without raising some red flags, so the scammers will simply move on to the next victim,” 

Should you have any concern at the Federal Level, you can call the IRS and request to see what tax filings have been made under your name. Click Here to Learn More

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