9 January 2020

In this post, Dan Ribacoff breaks down a few basic steps that he recommends in order to ensure the protection of you and your online business.

As a small business owner, there are many things you can do from a security perspective to prevent trouble.

It’s never too late to take implement basic steps and protocols to protect you and your business online.

Prepare for 2018:

Tips for Small Business Owners To Prevent Your Company from Being Hacked:

Use a Secure and Encrypted Messaging App

Use applications where you can control how the data is backed up and when it’s backed up.

We recommend:


Change Passwords Every 60 Days.

Seems excessive, huh? Well it is — but for good reason.

It might be annoying but It’s quick, it’s easy easy, it costs nothing and it’s actually effective!

Just because you haven’t been a victim of a hack before doesn’t mean you’re safe. Be preventative and change your passwords!

Check if you’re account email and password has been compromised here:


Install an AntiVirus Software

Antivirus software is not 100% fool proof buts is a great first line of defense. Further, it’s always running in the background to provide active protection on things you might overlook.

Access Your Work and Private Accounts from Trusted Devices and Trusted Networks Only

Anytime you type in a password, you’re a potential victim of a keylogger, spyware or packet sniffer.

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