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Title IX Polygraphs

In many parts of the world, the education sector has come under the limelight for many reasons, many of which are bad. These include school shootings and other criminal activities in schools, colleges, frat houses, and campuses. International Investigative Group can provide an indispensable investigative tool by using advanced polygraph testing. We have assisted students and attorneys with our Title IX and other criminal polygraph testing services

Our Areas of Expertise
International Investigative Group has years of experience conducting title IX polygraphs on:
  • Investigation of criminal activities
  • Identifying false accusations which may damage the reputations and futures of other students
  • Getting truthful information during interviews
  • Working with attorneys and parents to protect the rights of the accused students
  • … and more!

Why Title IX Polygraph Services?

We have assisted in getting to the bottom of sexual assault allegations and other criminal allegations made against students in university and colleges around the U.S. If you are accused of violating Title IX or any other crime, proving your innocence is crucial. Often times these are he said / she said situations where it your word against theirs. You need the services of the skilled Title IX investigators and Title IX polygraph examiners employed at IIG

What We Can Do for Title IX Polygraphs

When you hire International Investigative Group’s Title IX polygraph team, here are some ways we can help you:

  • Provision of high-tech polygraph equipment.
  • Polygraph examiners who have years of experience to ensure the highest standards.
  • Shortening the duration of investigations by getting the truth as soon as possible.
  • Reducing the cost of investigations or background checks for current and potential students.

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