When one is hiring a new employee, there is always the risk that the employee might not be the right one or they might have issues that would affect their performance. Typically, most employers only discover such issues when the employee is already hired. International Investigative Group can help you make better hiring decisions through our pre-employment screening investigation services.


Why Pre-employment Screening Investigation Services?

Hiring employees is always risky. The employer may not always know everything about a potential employee. To make the matter more difficult, most prospective employees are unlikely to volunteer information that may be detrimental to their chances of getting a job. 

There are issues that an employer would like to know before making a hiring decision. For example, does the prospective employee have a criminal record? Does he or she have a gambling problem? Anyone of these things could have repercussions on the employee’s ability to deliver on the job. A pre-employment screening investigation ensures that you have all these facts when making a hiring decision. It also saves the employer time and money running another recruitment exercise. 

Our Areas of Expertise

International Investigative Group has years of experience in undertaking pre-employment screening investigations. This includes:

  • Background Checks
  • Social Media Analysis
  • Drug Testing
  • Prior Employment Verification
  • Education Verification
  • Financial Checks 
  • … and more!


Ready to Open a Case?

What We Can Do for Pre-employment Screening Investigations

When you hire International Investigative Group’s pre-employment screening investigation team, below are some ways we can help you:

  • Background checks: This is done to establish whether the candidate has a criminal record or other issues that he or she may be concealing.
  • Social media analysis: We discretely look at the candidate’s social media activities to get a good picture of his or her networks and any activities that you should know. 
  • Financial checks: Our experts will look at the candidate’s financial history with a view of establishing if he or she has any financial red flags. Such problems would include bankruptcy and much more. 

Choose International Investigative Group for Pre-employment Screening Investigations

For nearly three decades, employers have turned to the International Investigative Group to get help for pre-employment screening. We have a solid track record of delivering clear and reliable data on time. You can also count on our experts to treat any information that they learn with the confidentiality that it deserves.

You do not have to worry about the cost. Our packages are structured in such a way that you only pay for the services that you utilize. At IIGPI, we have widespread local and international networks meaning that our investigation can go beyond borders. For example, if you are thinking of hiring someone who has lived abroad for many years, we can help bring that part of his or her life into the light.

We also have a variety of experts in-house meaning that we can investigate multiple lines at the same time (social media, financial, etc.). This shortens the time it takes to get you the information you want. 

If you have any inquiries about our pre-employment screening investigation services, do not hesitate to email us at hello@iigpi.com or call +1 800 766-2779. You may also complete our online inquiry form!

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