9 January 2020

A major WiFi flaw has been discovered and your passwords may no-longer be safe. Researchers today have revealed a new exploit titled KRACK, which makes use of flaws and vulnerabilities in WiFi security to allow attackers to monitor your activity.

If your device supports WiFi, it is most likely affected.

Dan Ribacoff says that these vulnerabilities would allow attackers to:

  • Intercept Passwords
  • Intercept Emails
  • Intercept Credit Card Numbers
  • Intercept Photos
  • Intercept Website History
  • Intercept Other Data Thought to Be Encrypted
  • Possibly Install Ransomware

Dan Ribacoff’s Recommendation #1:

Update Your Routers and Operating Systems on Devices Used to Access the Internet.

Dan Ribacoff’s Recommendation #2:

If browsing on a vulnerable access point, avoid using Wi-Fi and stick with a wired connection.

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