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Major WiFi Flaw Discovered Allowing Attackers to Intercept Passwords and More

Researches today have revealed a new exploit titled KRACK, which makes use of flaws and vulnerabilities in Wi-Fi security to allow attackers to monitor your activity.

If your device supports Wi-Fi, it is most likely affected.

These vulnerabilities would allow attackers to:

  • Intercept Passwords
  • Intercept Emails
  • Intercept Credit Card Numbers
  • Intercept Photos
  • Intercept Website History
  • Intercept Other Data Thought to Be Encrypted
  • Possibly Install Ransomware


Update Your Routers and Operating Systems on Devices Used to Access the Internet


If browsing on a vulnerable access point, avoid using Wi-Fi and stick with a wired connection.

Learn More from the Researchers Who Discovered This Vulnerability
Demonstration Video

Visit Ars Technica for a more comprehensive report on this
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