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Find Social Media Accounts

IIG has proprietary methods to locate social media accounts and digital information across every major social media platform. These methods have proved invalubale in countless criminal, civil, family and other related matters.

Twitter Accounts

Twitter Handles, Secret Accounts, Deleted Tweets and more.
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Facebook Accounts

Fake Names, Secondary Accounts, Hidden Photos, Hidden Posts, Mutual Friends, and more.
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Instagram Accounts

Fake Names, Hidden Comments, Hidden Photos, Location Data, and more.
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LinkedIn Accounts

Verify Resume Information, Secondary Accounts, See Profile Views, and more.
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Snapchat Accounts

Hidden Accounts, Compromising Video, and more.
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YouTube Accounts

Secret Accounts, Damaging Video, Interests, Likes, Comments, and more.
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Comprehensive Findings

All of our findings are organized in easy-to-read, date/timestamped reports. All media is provided in convenient file formats.


Evidence Otherwise Not Obtainable


Cost-Effective. High Rate of Return


Constant Monitoring Available


Priceless Evidence

Time and time again, personal injury, criminal and matrimonial cases have benefited greatly from social media investigations.

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