Comprehensive Background Searches


We offer a variety of different Background Investigation packages in order to accommodate to our clients' needs and budgets. These packages range from Level 1 Background packages, all the way up to Level 4 Background packages. We also offer searches à la carte.

Accident Investigations

Comprehensive Assets Investigations

Domestic Assets

Foreign Assets

Hidden Assets - Globally

Fraudulent Conveyances

Expert Testimony by Certified Fraud Examiners and Forensic CPA's

Criminal Investigations and Trial Preparations

Pre-Litigation Investigations

Civil Trial Preparations

Missing Heirs

Witness and Pre-Service Locates

National Service Of Process

Witness Statements and Area Canvasses

Video, Photo and Diagram Documentation

Selected Engagements

Located the Assests of the Iranian Government in the United States

Located millions of dollars in assets relative to a $180 million judgement involving State sponsored terrorism.

$120 Million Bank Fraud

$120 million bank fraud involving the sale of fradulent loans to various US Banks.