All Platforms

We Serivce Every Platform, Every Device, Every Operating System

A thorough visual check of the premise.

Electronic sweeping of inside premise for wireless bugs.

Electronic sweeping of inside premise for hardwired bugs.

Electronic sweeping of phone lines for wiretaps.

Electronic sweeping of vehicle for GPS bug.

Investigation and Background check of individual or companies suspected of planting the bug.

A detailed status report of our findings.

eDiscovery by Certified Technicians

Including, but not limited to....

Hard Drives

Back-up Storage Media


E-mail Servers

Web Servers

Internet Sites

Cellular and Personal Digital Devices

Digital Cameras

Zip Drives

Fax Machines

On-site and Off-Site Services

Daily Monitoring and Daily Activity Reports

On-site data capturing and forensic gathering.

Secure, off-site facilities to forensicaly analyze and retrieve desired data.